What is it?

Allicin, what is it? It is the result of an enzymatic activity after combining two substances. These two substances are alliine (substrate: derivate of an amino acid) and allinase (an enzyme). Both substances are naturally available in the garlic. It has been proven that allicin has a bactericidal, anti-parasitic, fungicidal and anti-viral activities.

Allimax Animal Care International (AACI) which is located in Vaassen, The Netherlands has 15 years of experience in optimizing and effectuation of allicin. It became well known on the market as a result of those research projects. There were other companies in the field that were claiming that they were selling products that also contained stable allicin but AACI developed a method to test the amount (in ppm or %) of allicin in the different commercially available products.


AACI analyzed the amount of allicin in commercially available products that claimed to consist of allicin. The method that AACI used to determine the amount of allicin is thin layer chromatography. The result of the quantitative analysis was that the amount of allicin was too low to measure.

Garlic can contain a certain amount of allicin and/or sulfur containing compounds or degradation products but this depends on the manufacturing process of the garlic.

AACI was not able to measure a significant amount of allicin in the commercially available products. The stability and the quantity in ppm’s was very low and there was no allicin traceable but only sulfide degradation products. The name of the ‘active substances’ in the commercially available products should be “garlic(oil) with sulfide compounds” instead of “stabile allicin”.

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Allimax is the only product known worldwide that contains stabile GMP+ certified allicin that is tested by renowned laboratories. The GMP+ certificate can be found on (world GMP+ database) by typing the word ‘allicin’ in the third empty box and press the search button. AACI is the only company in the world that has a bolus and a liquid which are both certified and contain an extraordinary high percentage stabilized allicin.

Picture of thin layer chromatography


The arrow in the thin layer chromatography picture shows the spot that corresponds with allicin in allimax (number 5). Number 1 till 4 and number 6 till 11 are commercially available products of other companies. The thin layer chromatography picture above shows that only allimax contains stabile allicin.