GMP+ Certificate

GMP + Certificate – Safety and quality by Kiwa

The GMP + Certificate – safety and quality by Kiwa , what does that mean?

On this page you will find the certificate of KIWA , the GMP + certificate . Kiwa is an independent organization providing highly qualified certification. Allimax Animal Health works according to the strict quality standards applied by Kiwa. Kiwa oversees our internal quality control. By doing so the products Allimax Animal Health still meet the requirements.


GMP + Certification – safety and quality by Kiwa , what does stand for?

This GMP+ certificate shows that research is being done in a safe manner to the operation of the products Allimax Animal Health . Your biggest and most valuable business asset you want to of course not ‘just’ expose to the first the best agent. Allimax Animal Health products have been tested time and time again and found safe by various university centers . If you have in the occasion of the certification further questions or comments, please feel free to contact Allimax Animal Health !