Poultry which suffer from for instance redmite benefits greatly from the effects of Allimax products. Other health problems are treated also effectively by Allimax. Poultry, including layers and broilers often have health problems caused by the bird mite. Redmite is a big problem for the practicing poultryfarmer. Under good conditions  the mite increases rapidly which has major consequences for the welfare and health of the animals. Due to various causes the control of the parasite has in recent years become increasingly difficult. A more comprehensive approach to the problem is necessary in order to control it.

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Poultry – what consequences bring mites?

In severe infections anemia can occure to the animals. Emaciated animals, low production and lower resistance to infections are among the symptoms. The hens are unsettled by the redmites and animals can get rough in the feathers. This can degenerate into feather pecking and cannibalism. Furthermore, the decrease in blood provides for a reduced production of egg mass, a lower growth of chicken and an increased food demand. The redmite is often seen as an important carrier of various diseases (eg . Salmonella, E. coli , etc.). Another problem of bird mites has to do with the working conditions for the farmer. Although redmites can’t survive on human beings, they will come to the people who work in the barn. Overall, this gives no more than an annoying itching, but there are also people who react allergic to parasites. A surve, conducted by the Research Institute in 2004, the financial damage caused by the bird mite to the poultry industry was estimated at € 11 million per year.

 ‘If this product works so good we are crazy if we don’t use it’ (Quote of Gert Jan Oplaat, Chairman of the Dutch trade union of poultry farmers. (Quote from Nederlands dagblad article: Garlic product replaces antibiotics. 28-6-2011). 

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