Press Publications

Press Publications 

Allimaxproducts are the talk of the day on radio and television. Everyone would like to know about the details. The following press reports about Allimaxproducts are a lot about innovation, technology and antibiotics reduction through the use of Allimaxproducts. Are you also interested in Allimaxproducts? Please contact us!

Press publication EenVandaag 18-05-2011 : Reporting Dutch television about allicin: eenvandaag    

Press publication BNR 27-11-2012 : Dairy farmers succeed in antibiotic reduction of 50%

Press Official Food Valley 12-06-2014 : Innovation Allimaxproducts: Official Foodvalley

Read the Entire press publication Catalyzed and expanded allicin as an antibiotic replacement in livestock industry